Location 22 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT 06105 Telephone860.522.1100
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Board of Governors


 President - Nancy Brennan
 Vice President, Operations - Lynn Erie
 Vice President, Personnel - Mary Beth Murphy
 Recording Secretary - Candace Fitzpatrick
 Corresponding Secretary - Marjorie Berger
 Treasurer/Finance - Barbara Kiefer


   Activities: Susan M. Brown
             Related Committees:  Archives, Art, Bridge, Classes,
             Classic Film Group, Current Events, Language Conversation,
             Library, Seminars, Trips & Tours
Audit: Ruth Timme
Communications: Robin Johnson
Community Relations: Sherry Brown
             Related Committee:  Scholarship Awards
Long Range Planning: Mary Rossettie
Member Admissions: Elaine Cartland
Member Relations: Jayne Amodio
Membership Development: Virginia Street
Nominating: Sarah Riley
Program: Jean Groothuis
             Related Committees:  Dinners, Hospitality, Luncheons
Property: Anne Gerard
             Related Committees:  Archives, Building and Grounds,
             Flower, Interior

First Row: Lynn Erie (VP-Operations), Nancy Brennan (President), Mary Beth Murphy (VP-Personnel), Barbara Kiefer (Treasurer)

Second Row: Jean Groothuis (Program), Marjorie Berger (Corresponding Secretary), Candace Fitzpatrick (Recording Secretary), Sarah Riley (Nominating), Mary Rossettie (Long Range Planning), Susan Brown (Activities), Jayne Amodio (Member Relations), Anne Gerard (Property). Robin Johnson (Communications).

Missing from photo: Sherry Brown (Community Relations), Elaine Cartland (Member Admissions), Ruth Timme (Audit), Virginia Street (Membership Development).